The NEW counter COVID 19 screen

The screen is ideal for teller stations, serving counter, reception counters and as a separation between work stations. The crystal clear PVC is a tried and tested material which has been used outdoors in the awning industry for the drop blinds to enclose outside restaurant and patio areas across South Africa.

Neat bottom pole to weight fabric.

Adjustable cable for easy
installation and height
adjustment and minimal
damage to fitting point to
the ceiling.

Cleaning Instructions
It is simple to clean

STEP 1: Mix half a teaspoon of sunlight liquid ( do not use any house hold cleaner which has abrasive properties like ‘Handy Andy’) and one cup white vinegar to 10 litres of water in bucket.

STEP 2: Using a micro absorbent cloth,wash down both sides of the clear PVC and before it dries rinse off rinse it with clear water using a different micro absorbent cloth.

STEP 3: Then take a DRY micro absorbent cloth and dry the clear PVC and buff out any smudging marks from the cleaning process.


Price indications:
A 1250mm x 1600 drop …….R 1547 incl VAT
A 2500mm x 1600 Drop ……R 2449 inc VAT