Elliott awnings offers two models of Fold arm awnings


Full Cassette Fold Arm

The latest in European design is the Full cassette fold arm. This is the ultimate in fabric protection and architectural design where the fabric and arm mechanism is enclosed with an aluminium extrusion Box.

The full cassette fold arm can go to a maximum of 5500mm wide and 3000 mm projection.

Solarshade Fold Arm

We have been  proudly manufacturing  locally our own fold arm since 1984.The Solarshade fold arm frames  can be manufactured in a range colours to tone in with your fabric choice or to pick up on the window frames or just to blend in with the wall colour. The benefit of the fold arm is there is no need for posts to support it and no post in your view either. As we manufacture locally, parts are readily available, repairs can be done cost effectively.

With a two arm system we can go to a maximum of 5900 x 3100.

With a three arm system we can go to a maximum of 7000 x 3100


Both Fold Arm models can be set up at 45 degree angle for the harsh west setting afternoon sun and glare reflecting off the sea.

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